Saturday, November 28, 2009

  • Hi all.
  • Dah lama g interview ni tp nk masukkn kt blog juga. ehe.
  • Ada 3 stages suma skali kt UTP. Final stage which is the 4rd stage kt KL with line manager kot x silap.
  • This is my 1st experience with s*b since masa intern dulu x mtk pun.

1st Stage

  • Communication test. Sepatutnya you are given 3 mins but hari tu team from s*b arrived late plus they want to proceed with 2nd stage on that very afternoon. Supposedly, 2nd stage was scheduled the next day. So, its only 1.5 mins communication test.
  • The team have a list of topics on their hand. They will pick a topic for you instead of you pick the topic like what they usually do.
  • What is my topic? Religion. Thanx God I can still goreng on this topic. I was afraid if given any disease-related topic.
  • Some other topic that I can still remember: Paris, Cuba, Hepatitis B, hydrocarbon, christiano ronaldo, malaria, technology, cost cutting , ......
  • There is no walt disney this time. ehehe~
  • In my personal opinion, they wanna see your confidence and ability to transmit information to others. Meaning, they wanna know if you possess the ability to transmit info to other people and that particular people can understand what you trying to say. Effective 2 ways communication.

2nd Stage

  • We got text from the job placement week community like 5 mins before the session actually start. So, you can imagine the shock-ness and rush-ness in there.
  • The s*b team once again diverted from their tradition this time. Usually it is a platform-group-challenge. But this time it is a 5 star hotel management problems. Imagine you are a manager of a 5 star hotel and there is a list of problems that occured in your hotel. You have to prioritize which probem to tackle first and why so.
  • The first 10 mins of the session is individual work. You have to work individually and solve the problem. But remember, theres always an instruction to follow people. You have to submit your answer together with your name, candidates no and group no.
  • After we submitted the ans, the s*b team did actually check our paper one-by-one. I can predict already, they will kick-out person that not following their instructions. It turns out that, 2 persons have to leave the process at that time for not writing one of the particulars required. erm.. Its the ability to follow instruction ppl.
  • Then, we proceed with grouping works. Ouh before that, each one of us is given a sticker written candidate no, and we have to stick it behind our back. The trick here- they wanna take notes on your group work movement. Whether you stand out, act like a leader, or you just quite.
  • Next, we have to present the solution infront of the team and other groups. this time, the sticker move to infront (on ur chest). Do not exceed the time given ppl. Yes, they will not stop you. But, its the ability to follow instructions.
  • One group did actually went over 10 mins. One of the panel ask them "Dont any of you have the watch?". Err. Honestly, I thought none of them will make it to the next round but actually some of them were. And that is the most outstanding one.

3rd Stage

  • Everybody did stay up that night to know the result and the result came up abit late. I received it at almost 1am.
  • This is one-to-one session. They just want to know you personally. The ask bout ur internship, projects, ur goal in carreers.....
  • You will note get the same interviewer with the first stage.
  • I thought this is the final stage. Too bad. One more with the line manager (department that will hire you would choose which one they will sign the deal with).

  • Thats all ppl. Pray for me ya. eheheheh lol

Au Revoir!


Anwar Samad said...

good luck yea bang..

keri said...

doakan aku plak..
next week interview stage kat SNCF di Paris.
company paling dibenci orang perancis sbb slalu grève. hehehe.

kEyrOL~ said...

Anwar Samad:
Thanx anwar~

Tengku k:
wooaa. dpt tix tgv free la? ahah~
jgn lepas ni ko join mogok tu skali. ahahah~