Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today, I woke up and did some laundry+kemas2 room. After finish all the usual weekend duty, I watch series that downloaded yesterday from rumah kak asma’. ANTM, gossip girl, prison break and ugly betty season 3. Gosh, I didn’t watch Betty until finale last season because no one shares the last 2-3 episodes. So, I kinda lost during the season 3 premier. MODe back to evil willemina, betty with 2 bfs, Daniel's French son?

Hurm, guess I have to download the finale last season.

Yesterday went to ikea with awa. She brought study desk that we have to do-it-ourselves. The table and kaki comes separately that we can choose what type of desk or kaki that we want. Ended up buying both in black so that fit with her clig-clag (convertible sofa-can change into katil) and carpet that she brought from conforama.

We break-fast together and I cook udang butter. Comment? As for me to eat, I think its ok. Sedap juga la aku masak. Dunno about Awa’s opinion because I didn’t ask her. Hehe~

I tried to call my parents using skype and voip. Gosh, I don’t know why. They can’t listen to my voice as I can hear them clearly. I try to call more than 10 times. My brother said my voice is sekat-sekat. Maybe something wrong with the internet connection yesterday. That’s the reason I am so down today. I don’t know where to get internet connection near my damn-ugly condillac residence. I don’t have the chance yet to speak with my parents this week. I am so emotional this morning. Last time that I was so homesick is at maahad hamidiah.

Chem might say ‘ok la tu, ko ada budak malaysia sana, aku sini sorang-sorang’. Ya, its good but they can’t layan me 24/7 plus they also have their own kerja nak buat. I know that I can’t merengek to them always. But chem, you have internet connect in your room. So, I think your problem is almost solved. You can call your parents anytime or even every day to ask recipe from your mom. Xde la desperate loner like me. Plus, I have a major visa problem and scholarship too. duHh!

Now I understand what sebastien told me. ‘If you need someone to talk when you down, just call me. We can meet’. I just laughing that time while eating kebab at downtown Grenoble. Never thought that I would feel down+missing my family+crying (yes, I have to admit. This morning I was really crying. I don’t care what u guys would say about this. Men also should be allowed to cry.). I feel bad because when Sebastien doing his internship in Aramis Malaysia, I never ask if he have problems or anything that I can help. But now he is in Paris and always message me through facebook. Merci Seb!

This coming Tuesday, its genap 2 months. Friends always asking

‘cmne kt sana?

Mesti bess kn?’

Sgt bess if you have a friend from utp together here. So Farid kat german tu, ko sgt bess. Sekali dgn beh and pudin. Its not like I dont want to make new friends here. I have friends from Syria, Australia, China and djoubuti here. But since we are not in the same purpose here, it’s not really tied us together.Just hi-bye or a little chit-chat while cooking dinner in the kitchen. But, I bet u guys, they are happy here with their classmates and study. Not like me.

I might be sounded not bersyukur at all. Believe me, you have to experience this yourself before you can put such a harsh comment on me.

Anyway, life is meaningless without challenge. I will appreciate more my family and friends when they are around.

Au Reviour!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am sure all of you know about the 'dairy products imported from China' issue rite? Well, the reason is that, those product contains melamine. Isk, china ni da la bnyk barang ciplak.

Why melamine?:
  • can increase protein level reading in food products. (kononnya food products tu tinggi dgn protien)
  • Decrease raw+production cost (reason: xyah guna protein yg bnyk just booster for protein reader )
  • Profits increase. ($$$$$$$$$$$)
Mati ke?
  • kidney problems
  • kidney stones & urinary tract problems in lab animals (kt manusia boleh la juga kan? Sbb if lab nk test products or drugs, kenapa diorg guna tikus putih?)
  • DEATH!
Products banned?
  • White Rabbit Creamy Candy
  • Yili Brand Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt
  • Dutch Lady” strawberry-flavoured milk
  • All diary products imported from China!
Anyway, I found this website.

Think twice before picking up a Mars candy bar! You should know that candymaker Mars, Inc.—creator of M&M's, Snickers, Twix, Dove, Three Musketeers, Starburst, Skittles, and other candies—funds deadly animal tests. Haiyoo! Jgn makan la!

Very happy this week. I got frigo already. For free plak tu! Thank Sebastien! Boleh masak2 dgn senang later.
After got frigo, very semangat pg carrefour. Yesterday, I beli frozen gordon blue, broccoli, grape,pisang,.....Gordon blue? Ala, yg mcm kt secret recipe tu. Dlm nye ada cheese. Sedap berbuka smlm. haha! Stok fruits pn belambak. Masak broccoli lak tu (favret tp x sama cm mama lor! )

After berbuka got sms from Javiere.

J: Nnt pegi Paris by car. train tix mahal..ok x? pg friday ptg blk sunday.
K: Ok je. Kete sape? Sewa eh?
J: Haah around 630 friday keh.
K: Orait!.Gather kt ur house?
J: dkt gare pasal kereta amk kt situ. later I confirm u back.

Ni plan nk beraya dekat embassy kang. Tp by car dlm 5 jam.If naik train 3 jam. huh! x sabar nye!

Au Reviour!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Last sunday, I went to Icoupe Icare with my office mate from RSI and his mom. At first, I want to refuse jugak la his invitation since on saturday sgt penat. On saturday, laundry n masak2 bersama Awa. haha! Tomyam yg x berapa jadi.

Shopping kt carrefour dulu then asian shop utk beli serai & limau. Awa lak beli frozen pau. Before masak, sempat lagi calling mama guna skype. Mtk resipi. Last2, ok la. Boleh la makan. Tp x sehebat mama nye lah for sure! Smp sini baru rasa rugi x gheti masak. Tu la, korg kt mesia tuh, blaja la ngn bonda terchenta k!

Kt grand place, awa beli carpet utk studio baru dia. Then, jln2 survey tgk brg nk bawak balik masia. Ceit! Lmbt lg kot.

nmpk x helang tuh? tu pilot nye helang. bukan helang yg kebetulan lalu k.

ni la helang tuh.

kanak-kanak kute! Rindu adik gue!!

balik dr sini, sure sakit tengkuk!

Rindu adik gue lg!!!!

gula-gula kapas!

Julien+ Me

Julien+ His mom

Sampai sini dlm pukul 1030 am. Gile r berjemur. Diorg ni suka. Siap cm picnic. bawa tikar, food and aksesori plg hot, anjing! haha! Supposedly, ada 3 chinese from mainland join. But, Julien told me they want to work from hoteL. Duhh! Sunday pn mau working ka?
Balik pukul 530pm. Jam lg. jalan sini kecik je. 2 lanes cm 1 lane kt mesia. Smp hostel dlm pukul 7pm. Berbuka dlm 740pm. gile letih nk masak berbuka lg. Ye r, berjemur. Habis r gelap. haha! walopn mmg gelap!
Till then now.
Au Reviour!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is my birth cert that translated into French and I have to pay Rm 90 for that. I am still Malaysian walaupun birth cert a bit weird. Hehe~~ Can u spot the pelikness?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lama x update! Frust kot! Mcm2 jadi kat sini. Da la solo ranjer.Tape2, fighting keyrol! hehe!

Nak tanya korang, apakah definisi jejaka jambu? Hurm, kawan saya izzi selalu angkat bakul sendiri kata dia jambu. Erk! Jambu ke? Tepuk dada tanya selera. Ahaks! :)
Membe se-mont kiara lak, acan, kata diri nya pan asian! Apakah pula pan asian?
Susah hidup ramai rakan-rakan suka angkat bakul sendiri..haha!

For me, inilah definisi sebenar! haha!

kt masia x penah lg jumpa yg kaler jambu neh! haha~~