Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hey guyz, I found out bout this exciting website. It is a website which enables you to create your own style online. Sound cool right? :ahaha:

Go to here --->
You can create your own style from all A-listed Hollywood stars wardrobe brands without having to worry about your balance in the saving account..hehe :<span class=

So, I come out with this 4 inspiration..haha

1st look: Beach trip

2nd look: Lecture

3rd: Movies

4rd: Trainee @ office

For me, Im personally love the 1st look. But, until now im still don't like pink color and i never spotted in short unless in my room. hehe~
Most of the piece above is from topman. What can I say, I do love TOPMAN.

So, which 1 is your favorite?

This is my first entry for my very first blog..haha~ I don't know why i want to start blogging. Maybe lots of my friends now have their own blog, so i pn gatal2 tangan want to become a blogger~ biggrin

Btw, before deciding to go with, i consider a few options of free blog host [free is a must..hehe~]. At first, i want to opt wit wordpress. I dont know why, myb because of my fren annas at canada using this wordpress. But considering many my fren at UTP using blogger, so i go with blogger..yeay~ :woooh: