Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • This story might be basi already, but I still want to write here for my future flashback. mrgreen
  • I received sms about Baker hughes's interview when I still in Thailand. I thought it might be a raya's prank but who will do that anyway on raya?
  • I am very happy because baker hughes is one of my target company. I already called them, sent resume and talk to julia herself.
  • So, all the so called shortlisted candidates come back from holiday early. UTP supposed to close until 29 sept but the interview is on 28 sept. Meaning I have to reach UTP on 27 sept. arr. habis raya.
  • Bila smp utp, i heard that we going to have a test first. But not sure about what test. I ask google and many said it would be basic math and physics test. Still, I do not know what to prepare for the test.
  • On the test day, a representative introduce herself as julia B. She said it would not be a technical test but rather a reasoning/ IQ test (I should have thot of this earlier. aiyo. mati me!)
Reasoning Test

  • The test consisting of 50 mcq questions and the time would be recorded. Meaning the faster you submit the better. Ms Julia B keeps stressing that we are competing with each other and this make everybody more semangat.
  • My position is infront of my genius fren, luke. Dia hanta awal ok. Stress bangat den.
  • Then, bila da hanta I told luke that Im not confident bout the test.
  • Baker hughes will shortlisted 50 ppl to 2nd stage. (aaaa. i heard rumours that everybody will attend the interview! this make me more nervous)
  • The shortlisted list available on the afternoon and as expected I didnt pass the test. sobsob redface
The Interview

  • The interview is one to one style.
  • Baker hughes shortlisted 20 ppl for 3rd stage which they will go to Singapore for the interview fully sponsored except for passport.
  • Congrats to my fren that going to Singapore. Gud luck guys!
  • I was very down indeed after the test. Maybe theres hikmah behind it.
  • I become more +ve after I can accepted that I didnt pass the 1st stage.
  • Im running a campaign 'An IQ test a day' starting from now onwards..ahaha~

Notekaki: Im very shock that my Iranian fren not shortlisted for the reason he is Iran citizen. American company not taking any Iranian. wooo. Serious btol. eek

Au Revoir!


Syud said...

gudluck! :)

Bajet said...

X pe Keyrol. Lepas ni mesti ko dapat interview company lain lak.

kEyrOL~ said...

Thanx syuD!
syud wt open house x ajak!! ehe~

Moga2. Amin.

keri said...

damn, such a cool experience.
bestnye ko dh nk abes blaja kan.
takpe keyrol, nanti ade laa offer lagi best.
btw ko kene wat praktikal lagi ke?

kEyrOL~ said...

dec ni abes. xde stage dah~ uhu!

Robert said...

Hello Keyrol,

Would you please forward me one of your friend's email address who went for the assessment centre for BH in SG.

I will have one coming soon so I really really appreciate any help if not I will pay for the info!!!

Please help me as I have been jobless for quite sometime now.

Thanks very much