Thursday, November 12, 2009

  • I believe in second chances now. They do really exist ppl. Like in my previous post, I was very down for not making to 2nd stage interview of Baker Hughes cuz I already submitted and called BH's HR. Its not that I gedik2 down but It cuz i already put efforts for it. some ppl might be very lucky. X apply mana2 pun. UTP apply kn all. then got the job. uhuhuh~
  • Then, I received email from BH houston office. They send me set of questionnaires and I need to submit it back to them.
  • Alhamdulillah, I passed that stage. They send me email to arrange for my phone interview session. and its EST time zone ppl. So, i try to arrange it as logic as possible (meaning, nk ke intvw 3 am malaysia time?). Finally, theres only 1 slot available. 5pm EST equal to 6.30 am malaysia. ok la kot.
  • I was so not ready since that time very busy with FYDP. Plus, I only got 24 hours or less to prepare for the phone intvw. Xpe la. gamble je. I try to contact senior2. Ada jugak yg dpt intvw like me. So, I ask tips from them. They cakap, line was not clear. aaa. ni yg takut ni. line x clear.
  • Hari interview, I woke up really early. 5 am. Buat2 la ape yg patut then try to read bout BH. Just to be prepared. Tepat 6.30 am malaysia time, i got a incoming call with weird combination of numbers.ofcourse! wink
  • The line was not clear. I asik suruh the guy repeat the quest and his voice is sloww too. erm. not my luck mybe. what to expect. the states-tronoh.x clear la line.I ask him about the next stage. Its one-to-one intvw. So how bout the distance? they will fly me to the states all the way?? ahahaha~ u hope my dear! Its depends on the geographic area. Meaning, I in malaysia, so it would be in malaysia.
  • Bnyk jugak solan situation. like: which one u will choose. 1)Heavily travel,lots money 2)nice workplace, heavy workoads 3) bad workplace+technical job+lots money. ha.. pilih2. i pilih no 1 masa intvw tu. uhuh!~ reasons goreng je!
  • Lain soalan : what is the most appealing about field engineer? What is the least appeling about field engineer?
  • Got one question very technical plak tu. Then line x clear. I heard only bout the 2nd option. So, i chose that one la. Explaination goreng jugak.
  • Erm..I doubt bout the nex stage cuz I am pretty sure all the malaysia-brunei vacancies aready filled. Ya la, bdk2 UTP jugak. uhuhu. Anyway, it was a good experience and if given a chance, i dont want a phone interview anymore. Its limited my expressiveness...rolleyes

Notekaki: I will update about schlumberger interview later.

Au Revoir!


BadRina said...

I agree! phone interview is soo limiting! mcm i kene time shell haritu T_T

Swathi Sridharan said...

I gave my phone interview too.
Did you get a call back?
How did u apply to schlum?

Swathi Sridharan said...

I gave my phone interview too.
Did you get a call back?
How did u apply to schlum?

kEyrOL~ said...

tu lah. line x smooth plak tu!~

hi swathi. I didnt get any call back. how bout u? I think vacancies in malaysia already filled.
For Slumberger, they having in campus interview. Lucky me. But you can try in their web site .

keri said...

wow, baker hughes, schlumberger.
bestnye jadi budak UTP.

kEyrOL~ said...

tengku k:
ape yg bes nye keri? jd bdk angouleme lg bess. aghahahaa~ :P

keri said...

weh camne ko bleyh gune nama rahsia aku ni.. haha

Syamim Ramli said...

Nice blog u have here.
I did read a few of your posts especially from the Baker Hughes Interview.
I did mine last few days.
Thanks to you and keep it up.
You didn't know.
You be helping a lot others.
Take care.

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