Saturday, April 18, 2015


I would like to share my experience regarding recruitment with #1 oilfield service company in the world ; Schlumberger. Bare in mind, the interview was taken in Malaysia in 2012. However, I would like to assume that the interview I went through was one of the most comprehensive one compare to other country (based on discussions I had with my colleague). So, this guide might still be helpful for you regardless of your location.

*Make sure you have basic knowledge of the company and business before going for the interview. Be prepared!

Stage 1

For on campus recruitment, normally there will be a 3 minutes "public speaking" session. Basically, you will pull out one of the topics from selection, and you need to talk about the topic for 3 minutes. Topics normally general knowledge and nothing related to oilfield. My topic was religion. I think I was lucky and that was quite easy. However, some people got "Hepatitis", Disneyland, Paris and etc. So, it is really a random topic. The idea of this exercise is to see your confidence, eventhough you do not have the knowledge of a selected topic, just go for it. Try to talk and relate to other topic that it can be diverted to. So that it will appears that you have the confidence,

This exercise is normally done to eliminate a larger pool of candidates to a smaller group. If you are selected to attend the interview at the HQ, this exercise will be skipped and you will proceed to next exercise.

Group exercise : You will be divided into 5/6 people for one group and a candidate number will be pasted on your back. This would make the evaluator easier to judge you. Some of the exercise I have heard is to build a bridge made of papers that can sustain "as much as it can" golf balls. Or, a bridge that stable enough for a "toy car" to travel the farthest. Bear in mind that you will get extra point for the paper , straw that you did not use for the construction. Tips for this exercise is to get involve in discussion within your group. Speak up and try to contribute ideas as much as you can. Don't try to be a solo ranger.

You will present your project in front of the recruitment team that will try to bash your ideas. At the end of the presentation, they will ask who you will select as a leader. Who would you like to work with in future? Who are you going to fire?

Stage 2

One-to-one session with Recruitment Manager ( at HQ )
Basically they try to evaluate which segment will suit you the best. You can try to tell them your preference, but normally you will get something else :P

Stage 3

Interview with segment Operation Manager ( at HQ )
After the recruitment manager gave you a green light,  you will be sent to the Operation Manager of the specific segment where they think you suited the best. This stage can be a few rounds. They will send you to few segments until one segment agree to select you. (I went for IPM, DnM and finally Testing)

Stage 4

Field Exposure ( at yard/base )
Congratulations if you have come until this stage! You will go through one week of field exposure at the yard. You will not go to offshore, but you will work mostly on the tools. I was sent for exposure at Kemaman, Malaysia with another candidate for Testing.
1. Try to adapt well with the crew as the manager will have a review with them as well regarding your performance at the end of your exposure week.
2. Be proactive! Ask a lot of questions.

Stage 5 

Interview with Segment Field Service Manager ( at yard/base )
At the end of your field exposure, you will have an interview session with the service manager, where he will send his feedback back to recruitment team.
Some of my friends had to do presentation at the end of their exposure. It's depends on the manager.

Stage 6

It is a very long process. Now you have to wait for the call from recruitment team. Now it depends on your medical screening results :P


My Experience

If I can still remember, I received the good news a week after I was back from the exposure. I went to sign the acceptance letter and waited for 6 months to receive my Letter of Assignment. pheww. ( I kept calling them but they didn't inform me they were looking for international placement for me. of course I was worried they would forget about me. haha) Luckily I was working at other company at that time, and it kept me occupied. And I received my offer for different segment than the whole process I went through. Well, no surprise.

Since the beginning of the process, I kept mentioning to them that I would be interested for international assignment. From the HR, operation manager and service manager. If you know you want something, just go for it.

Good Luck!