Thursday, June 26, 2008

This morning, i have a session with mr raymond to update bout my France training. Lucky for me that mr raymond have the same thought with me. He keep saying that "u should not apply a personal bank loan cuz this have to be a reward for u not a penalty". If u make a bank loan, then later u have to pay back together with the interest. So, what is the point for sending student there if u have to suffer later?. haha~ So, he presented 3 plans to overcome this prob and keep saying that anything we discussed in this room will stay in this room. The company said that they will not cancel this plan yet.

Actually, I dont want to write this in my blog cuz later ppl will mengata me menunjuk2.haha :(
But, since i posted sumthing bout my internship in France, so i guess i need to update bout dat. Actually, i should be in France now. My flight supposed to be on last monday and ppl in RSI should have wait for me. Problem now is about the contract. They not properly mention about sponsorship thing.haiyah~ tetiba mr raymond kata malu ngn aq cuz this prob happen. what to do rite?

I already collected my visa from the embassy. RM 495 and I used my own money for that.Embassy France is another story.~ s.e.n.g.a.l.~
haha :P

-Mr Raymond-

Pe kata sorang derma RM1? haha! bajet blogger malaysia kini r leh collect smp rm35k. membe2 pn ramai x tau blog ni. haha~ The main reason is aq ni malu nk publish blog ni.

Anyway, im happy if i just stay here. But of course , i still want to go to France if possible. Please pray the best for me. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

12th june 2008

MFCCI (Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and UTP sign a mou (Memorandum of Understanding) at Western Pan Pacific, Kuala Lumpur. Many French based company in Malaysia attend the ceremony like Thales, Eurocopter, Aramis and more. I first met my CEO at this event.The purpose of this mou is to provide utp student more places to undergo their internship program at French based company in Malaysia.

I feel weird at first because it was my first time socialize in corporate environment. They exchange business card, explain their company business, ask about your company, networking and more business talk.haha~ Anyway, it was a good exposure for me. Really it was.



MFCCI's acting Director

Dr Naufal-Rep from Embassy of France-Mr Robert from ARAMIS

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go to google.
Search for keyrol.
Nah, 1st result is
hehe :P
Try for your name too.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

yeay!!! thanx aramis!!!
im off to france 2-3 weeks from now~

will update later~