Saturday, October 31, 2009

  • well, i got this kind of spam plenty times. So, I just respond stupidly to see whether 'is it for real' or there are automatic reply system.
  • so here we go....
normanvypoby: Hi are u?
kEyrOl: im not cute
normanvypoby: I wanna ask you something but it might sound a little
kEyrOl: yes
normanvypoby: Well, my boyfriend is outta town and I'm here with a good friend of his and we're a bit tipsy..we were kinda wondering if u wanted to watch us get freaky!?!?
kEyrOl: wooo
normanvypoby: haha i know it sounds crazy but we kinda like being watched and I'm a freak like that.. hehe turns us on and you just happened to be online!
kEyrOl: ok
normanvypoby: you're not a kid right?
kEyrOl: no
normanvypoby: Can never really be know??
kEyrOl: ermm
normanvypoby: hmm well we're gonna show you ..k? go there and you should see us, make sure you accept our free cam chat invite on the left hand side, it expires in 10 mins, click it k?
kEyrOl: no way
kEyrOl: im just 10
normanvypoby: if you cum watch us we'll do whatever you want us to do, just don't be shy, tell us what u like..hehe.. fill out your info, make sure you put your correct b-day k?
normanvypoby: We gotta use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam, and if my boyfriend found out i would get in a LOT of trouble..
kEyrOl: really
normanvypoby: credit card is just to verify your age, u get in for free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member, but u need to verify babe ..we cant let minors watch me get the shit f*cked outta know? lolz
kEyrOl: i dont have credt card
normanvypoby: let me know if you need any help..I'm gunna start getting Joey all hot so he's ready to take commands from you..k?

  • lol. :ha?:

notekaki: bnyk keje oke. plus study week xde. 11th da 1st paper. horror kot.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I loooove this pix.
surprised biggrin cool lol razz
Maybe its their uberly expressive facial.
Maybe its their style.
im hoping to have close frens like this.
im not a fan of that guy accessorize with LV's bag.

*photo taken from thesartorialist

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

  • I am a foodiology today. I wanna share my cuisine-shock! when I was in France. Well, I didnt try escargo yet! rolleyes
instant rice from monoprix.

nk masak letak dlm heater sajer. mudah kn. biggrin

Stok makan 1st week arrival.

serunding dr masia.

instant noodle with broccoli. tres bien!

Onboard. Amsterdam-Paris (45 minutes)


cheese fondue_ les moules

spanish salad_ Geneve's starbuck

salmon crepes_ londoners fish & chips

i forgot this one. @ london_ Lyon's sushi

disneyland's pizza the packaging is sooo cute!

My Favourite! Desserts!

asia food section

Morning Market

Notekaki: Ouh, i miss there. slalu makan xde gamba plak. kebab very diffrnt from masia punya. arab mari~

Au Revior!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • This story might be basi already, but I still want to write here for my future flashback. mrgreen
  • I received sms about Baker hughes's interview when I still in Thailand. I thought it might be a raya's prank but who will do that anyway on raya?
  • I am very happy because baker hughes is one of my target company. I already called them, sent resume and talk to julia herself.
  • So, all the so called shortlisted candidates come back from holiday early. UTP supposed to close until 29 sept but the interview is on 28 sept. Meaning I have to reach UTP on 27 sept. arr. habis raya.
  • Bila smp utp, i heard that we going to have a test first. But not sure about what test. I ask google and many said it would be basic math and physics test. Still, I do not know what to prepare for the test.
  • On the test day, a representative introduce herself as julia B. She said it would not be a technical test but rather a reasoning/ IQ test (I should have thot of this earlier. aiyo. mati me!)
Reasoning Test

  • The test consisting of 50 mcq questions and the time would be recorded. Meaning the faster you submit the better. Ms Julia B keeps stressing that we are competing with each other and this make everybody more semangat.
  • My position is infront of my genius fren, luke. Dia hanta awal ok. Stress bangat den.
  • Then, bila da hanta I told luke that Im not confident bout the test.
  • Baker hughes will shortlisted 50 ppl to 2nd stage. (aaaa. i heard rumours that everybody will attend the interview! this make me more nervous)
  • The shortlisted list available on the afternoon and as expected I didnt pass the test. sobsob redface
The Interview

  • The interview is one to one style.
  • Baker hughes shortlisted 20 ppl for 3rd stage which they will go to Singapore for the interview fully sponsored except for passport.
  • Congrats to my fren that going to Singapore. Gud luck guys!
  • I was very down indeed after the test. Maybe theres hikmah behind it.
  • I become more +ve after I can accepted that I didnt pass the 1st stage.
  • Im running a campaign 'An IQ test a day' starting from now onwards..ahaha~

Notekaki: Im very shock that my Iranian fren not shortlisted for the reason he is Iran citizen. American company not taking any Iranian. wooo. Serious btol. eek

Au Revoir!