Saturday, October 31, 2009

  • well, i got this kind of spam plenty times. So, I just respond stupidly to see whether 'is it for real' or there are automatic reply system.
  • so here we go....
normanvypoby: Hi are u?
kEyrOl: im not cute
normanvypoby: I wanna ask you something but it might sound a little
kEyrOl: yes
normanvypoby: Well, my boyfriend is outta town and I'm here with a good friend of his and we're a bit tipsy..we were kinda wondering if u wanted to watch us get freaky!?!?
kEyrOl: wooo
normanvypoby: haha i know it sounds crazy but we kinda like being watched and I'm a freak like that.. hehe turns us on and you just happened to be online!
kEyrOl: ok
normanvypoby: you're not a kid right?
kEyrOl: no
normanvypoby: Can never really be know??
kEyrOl: ermm
normanvypoby: hmm well we're gonna show you ..k? go there and you should see us, make sure you accept our free cam chat invite on the left hand side, it expires in 10 mins, click it k?
kEyrOl: no way
kEyrOl: im just 10
normanvypoby: if you cum watch us we'll do whatever you want us to do, just don't be shy, tell us what u like..hehe.. fill out your info, make sure you put your correct b-day k?
normanvypoby: We gotta use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam, and if my boyfriend found out i would get in a LOT of trouble..
kEyrOl: really
normanvypoby: credit card is just to verify your age, u get in for free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member, but u need to verify babe ..we cant let minors watch me get the shit f*cked outta know? lolz
kEyrOl: i dont have credt card
normanvypoby: let me know if you need any help..I'm gunna start getting Joey all hot so he's ready to take commands from you..k?

  • lol. :ha?:

notekaki: bnyk keje oke. plus study week xde. 11th da 1st paper. horror kot.

Au Revoir!


NiZaM said...

layan lah keyrol

sedap tuh..


oyenks said...


Kaloi said...

cakap jer la last2 ko tengok jugak kan? haih~ bosan betol kalo cerita tak abes neh~~ hahahahahahaha

keri said...

kalu dia xmintak kredit card sure aku layan

Anonymous said...

Ni kira klu xde keje, ko layan la ek? stuff seh..

ntah2 tu staff shlumberger saje nk test ko, ko bkn tau.

abis la failed interview ko yang ni. kih3..

kEyrOL~ said...

spam je kot epong!~

suke oyenk. tutup mulut tuh. ternganga je!

jang, apo kono jang~

kEyrOL~ said...

tengku k:
carte blue eh? ahaha~

adess. sungguh besar cabaran ini kan. btw, aq penah dgr soklan intvw slb. would u have s*x with your supervisor? haaa. jawab neo~