Wednesday, September 9, 2009

  • Last weekend, Petronas ability test was held in UTP.
  • I thot it was just for Petronas scholar but then they also select others scholar to attend the test. (I heard Mr Idham sent all CVs to Petronas' HR)
  • The test consist of 3 sections: 1) Essay Writing, 2) English test (comprehension) 3) Analytical test/Math Test eek
  • For the first two, 'can go' lagi la but then the math questions really difficult for me plus not enough time . For the essay, I thot we were given 50 mins but then only 15 mins. woo! Punya la relaks wat essay then gelabah gila bila dia kata 3 mins left. Seriously, I bnyk tibai for math test. Just for the sake I want to attempt all questions cuz if not, the system will just log out when the time is finish. cry
  • Whoever succeed in this stage will proceed with Petronas's structured Interview.
  • Honestly, I'm x that eager to work with Petronas. I dont know why. I bet all people outside UTP are dying to join Petronas. Maybe cuz I heard a lot from senior that Petronas dont value much fresh graduate. They will just campak you anywhere. Its better to join them with experienced.
  • On the yeay side of it, working in Petronas is actually much much more relax than any other oil & gas company (engineer position). hurm~
  • I hope the same lucky star with me again this time around just like when I was applying for my internship. I really need those star again!

Notekaki: hating ppl that awake at night and disturbing me to sleep. xnak tido diam2 la dok bising2, gelak2. annyoing ah.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

haah kan?bising gila.main dota la apa la.damn betul.

kEyrOL~ said...

ada yg main dota ke? x pasan lak.
slamat hari

Kaloi said...

alaaaa... ko mesti lepasnyaaaa~~~

Anonymous said...

Contoh ujian ability test.

Sori keyrol,
izinkan aku spam komen ko sbb ak tgk google search link blog ni atas2 berkaitan ability test petronas. hahaha..